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Rubber and Technical Products

Will be delivered to your enterprise by UralChemProm Ltd. One of our main direction of business is supplying factories, fabrics, wholesale-retail companies and megamanufactures. It is worth to say, we make this process easy and comfortable.

Our constant partners are the leading Rubber and Technical Products manufactures as from Russia as well foreign firms.

Rich experience of foreign trade allows us to offer optimum terms of delivery to any place all over the world.

We offer you to look into possibility concerning the collaboration and place an order with us for rubber and technical products with the next range:

Conveyor Belts

  • Conveyor belts for general use

  • Conveyor belts for coal mining industry

  • Heat resistance conveyor belts

  • Cold resistance conveyor belts

  • Steel cord conveyor belts


  • Pressure hoses with textile carcass

  • Pressure hoses with thread-braid

  • Pressure and absorbent hoses

  • High pressure hoses with wire braid

  • High pressure hoses with wire rolling on

  • Gas welding hoses


  • Wedging belts

  • V-belts

  • Polywedging belts

  • Cogged belts

  • SPG

Engineering sheets

  • Heat and cold resistance

  • Oil resistance

Rubber Sieves

Other Rubber and technical Products

  • Cords

  • Dielectric rubber carpets

  • Raw rubber materials

  • Molded and non-molded rubber and technical products

  • Life-saving products and rafts

  • Glues

For detailed information, please fill an order form for rubber and technical products or by phone.

We contact you for defining your order exactly.

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