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New western business technologies influenced on Russian market and changed its aspects and structure. At the moment manoeuvrability, mobility and complex methods in realizing the chain as manufacture-product-customer are becoming the priorities. UralChemProm LTD having been worked at the market of rubber and technical products, established the most optimum relations for links of this chain; they are quality with accessible price and advantageable terms for our clients.

Facts talk about it: at present our company supplies and guarantees trouble-free production and stable development for more than 700 enterprises in Russia and other countries.

The activity of our company, first of all, is oriented to satisfaction of the requirements of our clients. Reaching of it is done by means of:

Multi-industry supplying

Our products are required by such industries as Metallurgic Industry, Energetic Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Coal-Mining Industry, and others.

Competitive price

UralChemProm LTD is an official representative and distributor of a number of the leading Russian manufacture of rubber and technical products; it allows us to offer optimum prices. Competitive ability of offered price by UralChemProm LTD helped to win many competitions and tenders.

Individual approach

Our principle is looking for the best way for the client, and thats why UralChemProm LTD, offering a wide range of rubber and technical products, tyres, industrial and householding chemistry, finds and uses more economic deliveries at finance and time. Besides, we take into consideration all requirements of our partners concerning terms of payment and terms of delivery.

Strong team of professionals

The activity of our company is structured: expert of sales Department study every order attentively. Logistics Department offer the scheme of shipment suitable only for you. Customs expert and Foreign Trade Department experts make your business easy and profitable, if it concerns the deliveries to commonwealth of Independent states or to foreign countries. Also it should be noted, that regullary professional skills of our employees are maintained by systemic training and improvement.


We cooperate with reliable partners-manufactures, whose products are in accordance with valid standards; also transport company and insurance company settle all points on the matter and exclude possible risks.

Phone us, our expertsll answer all questions you are interested in, and theyll accept your order.
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Be sure we will contact you for defining your order exactly.

UralChemProm LTD is ready to the open dialogue and long-term collaboration.

We would be glad to see you among our partners!

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